Home Care Services

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Private Home Care Services

If given the choice between receiving nursing care in the hospital or receiving help at home, most people would choose to stay home. Nowadays, it is becoming easier to receive quality personal attention in the privacy of your own home. AmericanHCMS wants to help. Available today are State and Community Programs which make it possible to stay at home, even if you are financially strapped (these programs are available for Medicaid recipients).

There’s No Place Like Home!

AmericanHCMS a DHR Licensed, Private Home Care Provider in compliance with the regulations of the Georgia Department of Human Services. We are committed to providing quality home care in the homes of patients of all ages. We specialize in a wide range of conditions.

AmericanHCMS is a liaison between physician and patient and takes orders as needed. A plan of care is developed to suit the patient’s individual need, and referrals are made to other areas of need for treatment as necessary.

AmericanHCMS helps you maintain your independence. Seniors are finding ways to reside in the comfort of their own home. Having the good fortune to remain at home and avoid moving into a nursing home, these individuals have found the key to living more fulfilling, healthier and happier lives. AmericanHCMS, Home helpers, Personal Care Aides and Companion sitters provide Seniors with the extra little help in managing their everyday life.

AmericanHCMS experienced staff provides trusted, affordable and courteous service specialization in skilled nursing services as well as non-medical services, providing in-home companion care for the elderly, new mothers and others recuperating from illness. AmericanHCMS is licensed by DHR of the state of Georgia to provide nursing care, personal care, companion sitter services. Our staff is insured and bonded.

Once a day or once a week, AmericanHCMS offers a variety of options. Our services are very flexible and available on a n hourly, daily or weekly basis. Whether you need it for a weekly trip to therapy, the grocery store or a helping hand or friendly face around the house, we can help. With so many options you are guaranteed to find the service and schedule that meets your needs.

Living at home has many advantages. For example, home care may:

●  Be less stressful

●  Allow a more productive life

●  Promote faster recovery

●  Help a family stay close

●  Boost morale

●  Be less expensive

Types of Services Provided For Home Care

In Home Skilled Nursing Services: RNs, LPNs

Registered and Licensed Nurses for skilled nursing services are available. An Administrator is accessible 24 hours every day and oversees the entire operation. Moreover, to add to your convenience, a Registered Nurse will be available to answer questions 24 hours a day.

Skilled Nurses Provide:

  • Pregnancy Related Services

  • Pediatrics

  • Children Intervention Services

  • Perinatal Case Management

  • Independent Care

  • Medical Needs

  • Surgical Needs

  • Geriatrics

  • Ventilators

  • Mental Retardation Waiver Program

In Home Unskilled Nursing Services: CNAs, Personal Care Aides, Homemakers, Babysitters

CNAs, Personal Care Aides, Homemakers, Babysitters provide supportive care for recovering patients who are unable to perform their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Services Provided by Unskilled Nurses:

  • Meal Preparation

  • Feeding

  • Payment  Budget/ Bill

  • Personal Hygiene Assistance

  • Escorts to Doctor’s Appointments

  • Child Care/ Companion Services

  • Assistance with Medical Orders

  • Other non-medical services

  • Assistance with Medication

Home Assistance Program

For one small monthly fee, AmericanHCMS well trained staff can eliminate many of the daily chores of any household. From small maintenance in your home or apartment, arranging lawn and landscape service. Day or night, whatever your needs—you can depend on us. Our home assistance program can be arranged to suit your needs, including: daily baths or “tuck-in” service, grocery shopping, light housework, as well as other personal services.